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I am Dr. Charlie Wiley.

I graduated from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 1976.
In 2010, I discovered ultrasound and dedicated my veterinary career to that one goal. With the help of the late Dr. Sherm Mathey and the radiology staff at Lackland AFB, I became skilled in ultrasound.

I met and became a student of Dr. Michelle Fabiani chief radiologist at Gulf Coast Veterinary Radiology in Houston and over the past 10 years have excelled under her direction which included intense specialized training that allowed me to become a part-time sonographer for Gulf Coast.

I also work very closely with Dr. Victoria McEwen, chief radiologist at Lighthouse Radiology in Florida.

My most recent training was working with Dr. Adam Kane a boarded cardiologist with Gulf Coast Veterinary Telemed. I have become very proficient at performing a comprehensive echo, including measurements, color doppler and spectral doppler using continuous wave and pulse wave.

My first machine was a Sonosite MicroMaxx, then I moved to an M-Turbo and I just recently purchased a new Sonosite Edge II system and am very happy with it. Why Sonosite?

I am in south Texas and cover the area south of Victoria all the way to Brownsville.

Case Images
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This is a great depiction of Trypanosomiasis (Chaga's Disease). Note the thin walls and dramatically reduced motion. Click here for a normal heart.

This is one of the worst cases of HW infestations that I have encountered. Note how the worms are clumped in the annulus of the tricuspid valve and the severe dilation of the RA and RV.

This is a very good PDA case. The view is the R PSAX HI view and the turbulence is from the patent PDA injecting directly into the MPA. The spectral doppler waveform of this abnormal flow is here, clearly demonstrating the regurgitant flow back through the pulmonic valve.

This case is a cardiac mass on the dorsal border of the pulmonic valve, causing significant obstruction to the outflow of the RVOT and a severe TR, seen here. The spectral doppler taken at the pulmonic valve, shows the distinctive "type iii" waveform here, clearly demonstrating the "notch" seen in severe PHT.

This website is being totally reconstructed by yours truly. I started HTML programming in 2005 and am currently working on an online Bootcamp Web Design Class and it is teaching me everything about current technology. There will be new additions from time to time, so check back frequently.

The dreaded sales pitch....

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May God Bless, and I hope to hear from you.

Charlie Wiley